Charles E. Stalnaker - Attorney at Law
Nationwide Veterans Affairs and Social Security Lawyer
West Virginia Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyer
Charles E. Stalnaker, Attorney at Law, West Virginia Divorce, Bankkruptcy, Veterans & Social Security lawyer logo.Charles E. "Chuck" Stalnaker is a West Virginia licensed attorney based in Parkersburg, practicing with an emphasis on Veterans Affairs and Social Security disability benefits law, Divorce, and Bankruptcy. 
Call Toll Free: (888) 420-2752
VA & Social Security:
Honest, personal, one-on-one legal services for your VA or Social Security matter.  Experienced representation including hearings in 14 different states and Washington, D.C.  Call for a free consultation.  There are never any up-front fees, and fees are collected only if benefits are obtained for you.
Understanding, caring, personal representation.   Call Chuck for a consultation.  Every effort is made to keep your fees as reasonable and predictable as possible.
Fees as low as $699 plus costs.  Understanding, personal, non-judgmental representation.  Call Chuck for a consultation. 
Other Legal Services Available:
  • Simple Wills as low as $99.
  • Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney as low as $50 each
  • Assistance with creditors; car and mortgage loans, credit cards, etc.
  • Assistance with collections of your business' accounts receivable
  • Personal injury assistance with contingency fees as low as 20%
*Assisting clients in Bankruptcy as a debt relief agency helping people seek relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
Contact Chuck personally today for an initial consultation!
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